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A great day starts with a great sleep on a perfect mattress.

Why Beautyrest

Innovation Quality History

How’d you sleep? That’s the question that’s been driving Beautyrest for decades. Better sleep is why they invented the first Pocketed Coil® spring back in 1925 and why they continue to pave the way with new mattress technologies today.

Sleep Innovations

You don’t get to be one of the oldest mattress companies without also being one of the most innovative. For well over a century, Beautyrest been leading the industry with groundbreaking mattress technologies that, frankly, make other mattress companies look like they’re sleeping on the job.

Commitment To Quality

Beautyrest® mattresses help people sleep better all over the world, but they design, build and test their products right here in the USA. So if quality is something you typically toss and turn over, you’ll sleep like a baby on a Beautyrest mattress. Beautyrest proudly stand behind their products—so you can sleep soundly on them.